Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Robsten: Video of the Day

Here is a video om the love triangle between Bella/Edward/Jacob.
Video done by: Destiny B.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Robsten: POTD

Five Tell-Tale Signs That Robert & Kristen Have Split - But We Disagree

'Tis the season for breakups, apparently. And when we listened off five tell-tale signs of trouble in other celeb couples and Seal or Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, a few of you persistent commenters saw the opportunity to weigh in on everyone's fave twosome: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart! So guess what: We did the heavy lifting for you and rounded up the five most popular reasons you say Robsten's split…and our rebuttals: READ: Top Five Tell-Tale Signs of Big Hollywood Breakups!

1. PDA? More Like No-DA!
You Say: We haven't spied
Robsten out and about on the town, sneaking in some hand-holding or secret smooches, in…like forever. And we've barely heard a peep about any Hollywood date nights going down. So since we can't see it, it doesn't exist anymore!
We Say: R.Pattz and K.Stew have always been extra-private people, especially when it comes to dating biz. And while they pick and choose when they want to get playful with the paps, both are very focused on their careers lately, which sadly (for us) means less public lovin'.
2. R.Pattz's Lady Pals; K.Stew's Group of Guys!
You Say: There have been crazy rumors of Rob hanging out with other chickies on the sets of his movies (Cosmopolis, anyone?!) and of late night hang outs with Sarah Roemer. Meanwhile K.Stew spends her evenings catching up with Tom Sturridge and Garrett Hedlund. Something stinks
We Say: What we've said before, but we're happy to say it again: BFs and GFs are allowed (and encouraged) to have friends of the opposite sex. And since Rob and Kristen totally trust each other, they've got no problem with their significant others hitting the town in their absence.
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3. The Sad Tale of the Loveless Love Nest!
You Say: They sold off the love nest they used to share together and didn't buy another place to shack up together. Seeing as how long they've been together (and how often they jet-set), it would only make sense that they would want a home base…together.
We Say: Home is where the heart is, no? So it doesn't matter if Rob and Kristen have four walls and a ceiling, each has no problem hopping on a plane to visit the other, no matter where in the world they may be. Plus, they're just not permanent nesters right now (hello, that's what renting is for), even though they do have that cutie pooch Bear they like to take joint care of. So maybe they do nest more than we think.
4. That's a Wrap! Twilight Finishes Filming
You Say: It was all for PR! And even if it wasn't, now that they're done filming Twilight, the two stars won't see each other anymore and are destined to find other, hotter costars to date. Bella and Edward are officially over.
We Say: You really think Twilight is dunzo?! Trust, we suspect that Summit isn't going to let that cash cow go without a fight. Plus, there's still promo for Breaking Dawn: Part 2, as well as all the excitement of whether they'll do awards shows like the Oscars together (though we suspect no).
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5. Duh, They're Young!
You Say:
Rob is 25. Kristen is 21. They're way too young to make it last. So it's only a matter of time before they split…if they haven't already.
We Say: That could be a good argument…for any other young couple, maybe. But Robert's folks apparently got hitched very young and are still together today. As are K.Stew's long-married parentals. Hello? Perhaps they've just got the right set of family values instilled in their DNA to make it work. Or is that just too much of a happy ending to please all you malcontents?Regardless, just chillax for a bit, eh?! ‘Cause even if they do eventually split, we know we've at least got until Nov. 16 to revel in our Robsten lovin'.
Just sayin'!